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Why Interactive Videos Matter for Your Business

From shoes, cell phones, and kitchen gadgets— you name it and there’s an interactive video for it. If you're in charge of a marketing campaign, you may be on the fence about the interactive video. And that’s okay! Let’s walk through why interactive videos matter for your business.

What’s An Interactive Video?

HubSpot defines an interactive video as “ a non-linear form of media that allows viewers to engage with the video". These videos can let people click on hotspots and answer questions along the way. Like virtual reality (VR) experiences, interactive video allows customers to choose their path.

How Creating Interactive Videos Helps

MarketScale helps marketing teams create B2B video content that helps them improve brand recognition. Our interactive video content can help you in three ways.

#1: Boost your sales leads

Interactive videos create new touchpoints for your sales teams to leverage. Steve Palaia, Senior Manager, 3D Design and Animation at MarketScale, says sales teams will love providing interactive videos.

“Your customers are going to be able to see how the features work, explode apart a product. See inside. See how it works. And it’ll look like a Hollywood movie.”

Another example: a manufacturing client wants to prove their excellent production speed. A video will allow a customer to see the process of assembly lines up close and personal.

An interactive video gives your team a new tool to engage with prospective clients.

#2: Increase conversion rates

A well-crafted interactive video can improve your website's user journey better than traditional video. Steven explains, "[Traditional video} is a passive way of interacting with the media. With interactive, [customers can] decide where to go in the journey, what [they] want to see, when [they] want to see it.”

Also, you can create different types of videos like quizzes, surveys, or polls. A well-crafted interactive video may close the gap between “consideration” and “purchase”.

#3: Stay ahead of the competition

According to Wyzowl, 91% of marketers in 2022 utilize some form of video marketing. Adding interactive videos to your repertoire is a great way to stay ahead of the competition.

Interactive video can take your product to "the next level [by showing] the intricacies of how it works. You can be one step ahead of your competitors if they're not using this technology.”

Make Interactive Videos Work For You

MarketScale's team is eager to create compelling interactive content for you. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Instead, rely on our team’s expertise to integrate interactive videos this year.

Thought Leadership by Steve Palaia

Article written by Shanice A. Bennerson


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