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Why MarketScale is the Platform for B2B Community-Generated Media

Turn customers into fans

When you turn your customers into fans, they do the marketing for you. Start by getting customers engaged in media creation, and helping them grow their own brands simultaneously.

Turn experts into creators

Your company does its best when your people are at their best. Create your own media channels, powered by your community, your products and your expertise. 

Grow Revenue

When your sales and customer teams become creators, revenue growth gets easier. Scale your revenue while reducing customer acquisition costs (CAC) with better tools and owned media.

Attract and Retain 

Communication and culture drive community. With MarketScale, employees and subject matter experts (SME) become creators. Better communication, constant learning, thriving community. 

Empower your SME

Sometimes the best marketers and educators in an organization are outside of these departments. MarketScale is purpose-built to expand your department by empowering all subject matter experts to create, share, and move the business forward. 

Elevate Customer Service

Improve self-service, knowledge bases and problem solving by increasing the frequency and ease of instructional and service media. Communicate within Studio, and accelerate feedback loops. Record screen-shared, instructional video with ease, and deliver content fully-edited. 

Improve Onboarding

From onboarding to training, your newest employees and customers benefit from constant engagement, asynchronous learning content, and scalable video. MarketScale makes it easy for you to build onboarding programs with a little help from your entire organization, not just your team. 

Launch More Products

Wish you could launch products with more fanfare, but lack the time? Looking for more customer feedback, and wish you had a partner community ready to deploy and try new products? MarketScale enables improved product launches with better media and more engaged early-movers. 

Enrich Company Culture

Some of the best podcasts, virtual events, microlearning, and culture content is internal. Today's organizations may be distributed, but connecting and collaborating on MarketScale is easy, productive and browser-based for compatibility.  

Make Education a Priority

The course-builder feature on MarketScale is a lightning fast way to build courses, by decentralizing the content creation to experts throughout your community. And that's just the start. If Ed Tech is a priority for your enterprise, MarketScale is essential. 

MarketScale achieved an NPS score of +73 compared to a SaaS industry average score of 41. 

Winning B2B companies cultivate thriving communities, harnessing the power of media creation and leveraging expertise for sustained success and growth.

Hear how MarketScale helps power media for a billion dollar tech brand. 

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