The Platform for B2B Community Engagement

MarketScale helps B2B companies engage their communities, by building, deploying and broadcasting original content that educates, inspires and informs. With MarketScale, companies can build their own podcasts, virtual events, original series, online universities and more.


Media On Demand

Build your own media channels to reach your audience and grow your business.

Media strategies for companies are often defined as paid, owned or earned. MarketScale believes in helping companies build and deploy their own media channels, to engage their communities and grow their business. It is often said that every company needs to be a media company. MarketScale makes that easy. But staying ahead, and growing your media channels requires innovation, consistency and content distribution.

When a B2B company partners with MarketScale, they instantly gain a new channel, a new podcast, a new range of live broadcasts and virtual events, and the technology—and team—to deploy it with ease. We invite you to learn more about how the future of your marketing and media programs will be built upon owned media, and how MarketScale will help make that possible.

Original Series

Episodic content is not just for your favorite streaming service anymore. The future of B2B media is publishing entertaining, high-quality shows that engage your community, educate your customers and grow your subscriber base. MarketScale makes it easy to create your own Original Series because we handle all the scripting, video production and deployment.

Virtual Events

B2B events have gone virtual. From complementing in person events, to completely remote broadcasts, brands are engaging more people in their communities than ever before. MarketScale provides the platform, the production -- even the promotion and distribution, to help you produce world class virtual events with ease.


Podcasting is the fastest growing medium in B2B. By starting a podcast, you can engage your community live on MarketScale, on all of your website channels, and your favorite podcasting platforms, such as Apple Podcasts. Podcasts allow you to engage your entire community, and take your education, and inspiration to the next level. Let's start your company podcast today.

Online Learning

The future of B2B marketing and media, is education. Start an online university, or academy today. MarketScale Learning gives you all of the ingredients to deliver high quality education to your communities immediately. You bring the thought leadership, we'll help you engage your learners with world class content, curriculum and technology.

Introducing the first decentralized video platform built for B2B companies.

Introducing the first decentralized video platform built for B2B companies. From asking colleagues for important insights, to hosting and recording podcasts, to crowd sourcing incredible video content from your team, MarketScale Studio is the platform you need to truly build media channels and engage your community. A software-as-a-service (SaaS) product built with the marketer in mind, MarketScale handles everything from content capture, to recording, to approval helping multiply the video production efforts for any B2B company, on day one.

Imagine a world where your whole company plays a role in marketing and media. Imagine getting your subject matter experts (SME) who have never participated in video content before, to share their insights, ideas, and opinions with just one click. The future of B2B media collaboration is decentralized,

allowing brand leaders to request asynchronous, or realtime, video recording and streaming, from colleagues anywhere in the world. Built with remote work in mind. Built with travel in mind. Built with business marketing departments in mind. MarketScale Studio is built for you.

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Go Live

From podcasts, to roundtables, to panels, you can enjoy a video conference conversation within MarketScale Studio. These conversations are connected to the outside world, for commentary, a full broadcast production and more. Join a conversation in MarketScale studio, and use the integration to stream live on popular channels such as Vimeo, YouTube, and more.

Podcast Hosting and Recording

Podcasts may be the fastest growing medium in B2B media, but recording them can be more challenging than ever. MarketScale Studio brings you a single platform, with easy HD recording, allowing you to host or invite guests to join your conversation in the platform, and publish as a high quality podcast in post-production.

Request Media

Social media was built on the power of everyone, and every insight. But somehow, B2B companies have not historically empowered the insights from their subject matter experts (SME), colleagues and customers. Brand leaders see soundbites each and every time we watch cable news, but don't deploy the same approach when building B2B media. With MarketScale Studio, you can request video insights, and enjoy full content approval, from anyone in your company.

Crowdsourced and Decentralized

The future of B2B media is decentralized, which enables brand leaders to request video from any colleague or customer in their community. With the power of company provisioned tablets, phones and cameras, or with employees' own devices, anyone can become a videographer, uploading video content from company events, product launches, office collaboration and more.

Introducing, the homepage of B2B.

B2B Industry Publishing

With 16 industry verticals—and growing— offers the insights, updates, podcasts, broadcasts and original series B2B professionals need to fuel their careers and grow their businesses. serves as an engaging publisher with a growing community of end-users, a live streaming and online platform, and a content distribution vehicle for B2B companies, looking to promote their content to a niche audience. With, we can offer the platform, and the publishing B2B content creators need to engage their audiences and grow their communities.

Original Series and Podcasts serves as the distribution platform and channel for new podcasts and original series in B2B. Built as a technology platform first, serves the publishing needs of companies needing an SEO-rich, B2B only channel to grow their audience and engage their community. And shows built with MarketScale's managed service options enjoy turnkey branding, production and distribution. Tune in to for the best shows in B2B.


Few initiatives in B2B are more important than developing and deploying online learning solutions that help your community improve their skills, grow their career and help you serve your customers. is built with online learning in mind, offering an online learning experience unlike anything else in the industry. With a video-first format for entertaining content, the learner on becomes a binge-learner, as each lesson, module and course is presented with a stunning user-experience and engaging content.

Industry events

In 2021, upgraded both promoted and original recorded media content to live. That means that each and every day, we are setting the bar for just how realtime the insights and conversations on our roundtables, panels, podcasts, and virtual events can be. With a platform custom built for seamless streaming, the technology to scale, and the team to help guide creators to their first live broadcasts, is redefining the future, and scalability, of B2B live media and industry events for organizations everywhere.