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MarketScale for

Online Learning

Education is not only the highest form of Marketing, but it's the hallmark of a strong, media-driven growth strategy. The B2B economy is driven by subject matter experts, and flourishes with skills development. MarketScale makes it easier than ever before to create courses and deliver all the benefits of Online Learning for business. 


MarketScale for Online Learning features

Subject Matter Expert (SME) Driven

MarketScale Online Learning is built the idea of engaging more users to create when it comes time to build your next online course. Decentralize your online learning creation, and empower all of your experts to contribute. MarketScale gives direct access to your whole community, with next-level scale. 


Education is the highest form of Marketing. The world's leading brands engage their communities through online learning and certification. MarketScale's Course Builder doesn't just make course building easy but it gets all your subject matter experts involved. 

When its media driven, learning is fun

Create effective courses built on authentic community generated content (CMC) that is rich with storytelling and first person experience. And when you present online learning as a media production, the lines blur between education and entertainment. 

Live learning as a service

Live learning is an important component in any online learning strategy. MarketScale provides both the platform, and the production support to deliver Continuing Education ready live learning experiences.

Online Learning with MarketScale

When your experts become creators with the power of MarketScale, creating online learning curriculum becomes fun and easy. When educational material thrives, communities and companies strengthen. 

Employee Training - Onsite video sharing stories of great employees and teaching hiring best practices

Partner Training - Onsite video guiding delivery partners through the package drop off process

How to use MarketScale for Online Learning.

Request  Build courses with colleagues Before MarketScale, online learning initiatives became daunting projects, often create
Request  Build courses with colleagues Before MarketScale, online learning initiatives became daunting prond Screen Recording


Build courses with colleagues

Before MarketScale, online learning initiatives became daunting projects, often created reactively, outside of day-to-day work. Yet proactively, online learning can serve to improve everything from culture to customer experience. MarketScale decentralizes course creation so you become the conductor of all of your subject matter experts (CME), as the create their own videos, requested and assigned by you. 


Video and Screen Recording

Once your colleagues receive their requests to create, they can record themselves, their screen or upload the videos, photos and audio files they wish to use in their lesson. Plan for each participant to create a minimal amount of content, but build a larger consortium of contributors to help. Studio helps each user turn their expertise into high quality, community generated, fully editing video lessons. 

Create  Video and Screen Recording
Analyze  A masterclass in media


A masterclass in media

Online learning is having a moment. It is changing academia forever, and empowering consumers everywhere to learn new skills. Fill your Learning Management System (LMS) with MarketScale learning content, or use our bundled online learning media player to deliver lightweight, engaging video lessons at scale. 

Meet the media platform built exclusively for the B2B enterprise. 

Client heashot

Using MarketScale, information is coming directly from our mouths. It displays the intellect we have. We have a high-powered team, and getting that voice out into the market really authentically is important for us.

Ellen Roeckl

Chief Marketing Officer

Client heashot

MarketScale has been a terrific partner. MarketScale helps us design and build impactful content, generate ideas for ways to connect our products to consumers and they are always willing to step in to ensure we have what we need, when we need it.

Karl Baker

SVP of Sales & Marketing

Client heashot

I highly recommend MarketScale because MarketScale makes everything very easy and super


Collin Hoffman




of customers surveyed agree that community generated content on MarketScale has helped them raise brand awareness in their market. 


of customers surveyed agreed that MarketScale makes it easy for their community to create podcasts and video content. 


Learn how to decentralize your media production, take ownership of your growth channels, build your B2B communities and scale your business.

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