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The platform for B2B community generated content 

Video recording, collaborating and sharing software built specifically to engage and inspire subject matter experts in B2B. 

How it works


Step 1

Invite your colleagues and
community members

Old school content creation was 100% your job. But now you can involve everyone with a few clicks, invites and prompts. Built for scale, Studio brings media creation power to your entire organization, turning subject matter experts into creators. 


Step 2

Request and record videos
and podcasts

Your experts become creators who build their own brand, and yours, with browser-based collaboration and video recording. With an intuitive interface, using the product and scrolling the feed feels natural. 


Step 3

Collaborate with in-app proofing and MarketScale editing integration

Feedback, proofing, hosting, and sharing take place in-app, creating a single destination for community-generated content success. And even better: MarketScale's managed service option provides seamless editing to elevate your media for enterprise B2B use. 

The All-in-One Solution for B2B Community Generated Content. 

Request Media

Ask colleagues and experts to respond to a prompt, and receive video recorded directly within Studio. 

Insights Marketplace

Find industry experts and purchase insightful soundbites to download and share in marketing and media.


Collaborate closely with colleagues to proof videos and suggest timestamped edits directly from the source material.


Leverage the power and interoperability of browser-based conversation and podcast recording with managed editing service in-app.

Course Builder

Decentralize knowledge sharing with remote video recording to build video courses with ease. Course building is easy when everyone can create and production can be decentralized.


Record and send videos within Studio and to external recipients. Perfect for sales, or any situation where video through email can drive more efficient communication.


Scroll through and engage with your community, collaborating, reviewing and commenting on videos, and share them in an engaging social media format.

Screen Recording

Record your screen and voice for product demos and presentations, and easily share your recordings with colleagues, or post them to social media platforms.


Net promoter score (NPS)
Source: TechValidate

Online Learning

Use CourseBuilder to seamlessly capture the videos you need for training courses, ranging from employee onboarding to product training.


Get TV News-style media soundbites by to drive social media or supplement video productions.

Social Media

Easily capture and share on-brand, edited content, powering your social media channels.


Give candidates a chance to record asynchronous interview videos in advance of virtual or in person conversations.

Event Video

By enabling all attendees to record and upload video, event videos that rival expensive traditional productions can be assembled in hours.


Request video testimonials from customers, with full, branded editing to publish for sales and marketing use.


Engage employees with podcasts, encouraging knowledge-sharing and collaboration.

Knowledge Bases

Get videos from your subject matter experts and stakeholders to publish knowledge bases sourced through community generated content.

Software Explainers and Demos

With screen capture and in-app editing services, software companies can easily create the product video content they need for engagement and marketing.

Customers gave MarketScale an average rating of 9.2 out of 10 satisfaction rating in a 2022 TechValidate survey of customers.

When B2B media and community generated content align, our customers win. 

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