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Imagine your top sales reps with their own podcasts and shows. Virtual events to connect with customers. Video email, daily thought leadership on LinkedIn, and a platform that increases sales productivity through efficient communication. That's MarketScale for sales. 

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Content is for closers.

Good selling is good networking

And nothing fuels networking, especially across social, like community generated content. Add your entire sales team to MarketScale, and give them the power to produce authentic, daily video content in addition to episodic media such as podcasts. With the power to create, engaging becomes a breeze. 

Their brand. Your brand. 

With MarketScale, sales professionals can focus on evangelizing your brand, as they build their industry authority. By hosting interviews, and developing quality, relevant media that transcends their role in sales, professionals in Business Development can accelerate lead generation through all stages of the funnel. 

Enabling educated buyers drives sales

Teach someone to fish, and they'll buy your product for a lifetime. Imagine a sales team so adept, capable and independent at creating video content, that they are running their own courses, or at least sharing helpful content across all their channels. With full access to MarketScale CourseBuilder and Online Learning solutions, sales teams can prove that the best in sales are the best teachers. 

Virtual Events

Tradeshows are a hallmark of B2B sales, but they only happen a few times per year, per industry. Yet companies convert more leads at their own events and users conferences. From informative webinars, to annual summits, follow the lead of the world's most iconic enterprise brands, and help your sales team build community through events. 

Sales enablement? 
Community empowerment. 

Sales Enablement often means ensuring all materials and media are readily available. With MarketScale, Sales Enablement is taken one step further, ensuring all content creation tools, access, and publishing capabilities are readily available. 

Product Benefits - Personal video to use in an email following up after a pitch

Point Point Answer – Video made for a pitch where the buyers biggest concern was delivery speed

How to use MarketScale for Sales


Add everyone and send lots of requests

Whether you are adding more sales people, requesting media from sales engineers or subject matter experts, or getting testimonials or feedback from prospects and partners, the first rule of MarketScale for sales is to go big, add everyone you can, and focus on daily content creation. 


It really does start with why

Your buyers want to know why they should buy from you. But today's buyers conduct their own research, and appreciate asynchronous communication. Send video emails, create 1-1 videos, and handle objections through media, all without Marketing support. Independent content creation, and editing, for sales teams. This drives sales. 


Content that converts

When community generation is timely and when it answers questions, it becomes content that converts. Sales teams can publish media on MarketScale to reach top of funnel audiences, or share across social and email to nurture and close specific prospects. And with analytics and built in feedback tools, including in-app proofing, sales professional can constantly optimize and iterate, to shorten sales cycles, and command a premium. 

Meet the media platform built exclusively for the B2B enterprise. 

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Using MarketScale, information is coming directly from our mouths. It displays the intellect we have. We have a high-powered team, and getting that voice out into the market really authentically is important for us.

Ellen Roeckl

Chief Marketing Officer

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MarketScale has been a terrific partner. MarketScale helps us design and build impactful content, generate ideas for ways to connect our products to consumers and they are always willing to step in to ensure we have what we need, when we need it.

Karl Baker

SVP of Sales & Marketing


I highly recommend MarketScale because MarketScale makes everything very easy and super


Collin Hoffman




of customers surveyed agree that community generated content on MarketScale has helped them raise brand awareness in their market. 


of customers surveyed agreed that MarketScale makes it easy for their community to create podcasts and video content. 


Learn how to decentralize your media production, take ownership of your growth channels, build your B2B communities and scale your business.

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