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While companies often associate media production with marketing, it might be even more relevant in Human Resources. Improve employee retention, accelerate hiring, and elevate your education and compliance initiatives with owned media. 


The tools for HR leaders to attract, retain, inform and engage at scale. 

We recently had a great unexpected benefit of creating video podcasts with MarketScale. As we grow and recruit top talent, interviewees are telling us how impressed they are with the thought leaders on our shows and many have come onboard with us even though we aren't a big-name company in our industry.

- JW Marshall VP of Marketing

Summit K12

Involve your whole community

The best way to build culture and community is to get everyone involved. MarketScale enables everyone to be a creator, helping them build their brands, share knowledge and truly connect. HR leaders instantly gain the power to democratize everything from podcasts, to courses and to begin using video for interviews and hiring. 

Be the director of your own shows

Storytelling is at the heart of both media, and human connection. MarketScale makes it easy for HR leaders to bring people together through the power of original content, insightful podcasts, engaging virtual events, and educational video. And with the decentralized content creation, HR leaders can get their whole community to join the show. 


Creating courses and training material is often an important part of HR and Learning & Development departments, but even in the age of digital media, hasn't gotten much easier. But with MarketScale, HR leaders can share course creation with subject matter experts (SME) across their entire community to easily, and authentically create and share knowledge. 

Remote, Virtual and Live events

Enterprise B2B companies are often distributed, with teams around the world. But creating and launching events that live up to the culture and standards of the company takes more than just a webinar. With MarketScale, HR leaders can source the media, and leverage the platform to naturally create the events their organizations need, from townhalls, to roundtables, to onboarding. 

HR with MarketScale

Imagine connecting more people, through the power of community generated media. Small teams become large communities, experts become creators. HR with MarketScale is authentic and engaging because it's focused on people and skills development first. 

Social Media Soundbite – Fun light-hearted video to education employees and external partners 

Jobcast – Video podcast recorded to promote hiring for an open position

How to use MarketScale for HR

 How to use MarketScale for HR Involve  Build culture through people


Build culture through people

People define culture, not the other way around. And successful companies have authentic culture, subject matter experts and a collective wisdom that can get lost in the day-to-day. With MarketScale, colleagues and community will be the first request you make, for insights, ideas, education, and strategy.


Community generated content

Whether it's internal or external, prospective job candidates or hiring managers, employees, partners or consultants, the communication that powers HR is only a few clicks away with MarketScale. And our goal is to create empowered media creation as easy as social media for your community, allowing them to record, upload and create. 

Empower  Community generated content
Share  HR like a streaming platform


HR like a streaming platform

HR is the center of culture, education and inspiration. Sounds a lot like a media brand, anchored by a streaming platform. Connect with your subscribers, AKA your people, by sharing everything from internal compliance content created on MarketScale, to culture and recruiting content, ready for LinkedIn. With in-app proofing, and collaboration tools, everything your community creates returns editing to your requirements and ready for prime time. 

Meet the media platform built exclusively for the B2B enterprise. 

Ellen Roeckl  Chief Marketing Officer

Using MarketScale, information is coming directly from our mouths. It displays the intellect we have. We have a high-powered team, and getting that voice out into the market really authentically is important for us.

Ellen Roeckl

Chief Marketing Officer

Karl Baker  SVP of Sales & Marketing

MarketScale has been a terrific partner. MarketScale helps us design and build impactful content, generate ideas for ways to connect our products to consumers and they are always willing to step in to ensure we have what we need, when we need it.

Karl Baker

SVP of Sales & Marketing

UMF Corporation
Collin Hoffman  GoBundance

I highly recommend MarketScale because MarketScale makes everything very easy and super


Collin Hoffman




of customers surveyed agree that community generated content on MarketScale has helped them raise brand awareness in their market. 


of customers surveyed agreed that MarketScale makes it easy for their community to create podcasts and video content. 


Learn how to decentralize your media production, take ownership of your growth channels, build your B2B communities and scale your business.

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