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The Platform for
Community Generated Content

At MarketScale, we harness the power of our AI-driven platform alongside a vibrant community of B2B content creators. This dynamic synergy drastically reduces advertising costs and amplifies your marketing reach, utilizing crowd-sourced insights and decentralized media production to transform your content strategy

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Verizon Partner Network
Honeywell - The Future Is What We Make It
Professional display solutions
GE HealthCare

Grow Your Business Organically

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Activate Your Crowd
Empower Your Team and Community

Transform every employee and community member into an active content creator. Enabling their diverse skills and expertise to innovate and engage, effectively unlocking your organization's full potential.

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Collaborate Seamlessly
Video Editing Made Easy

Enhance productivity and creative output with our AI-powered proofing feature. Easily request video edits, collaborate seamlessly with colleagues, and provide feedback efficiently to streamline your process.

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Save and Grow
Boost Efficiency and Expand Reach

Significantly cut advertising costs by producing and distributing your own media. Leverage expert-led content to increase visibility, impact, and ROI, ensuring sustainable growth.


Weekly Information Sessions

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Learn how to decentralize your media production, take ownership of your growth channels, build your B2B communities and scale your business.

Meet MarketScale Studio: The AI-Enhanced Media Platform for B2B Enterprises

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Using MarketScale, information is coming directly from our mouths. It displays the intellect we have. We have a high-powered team, and getting that voice out into the market really authentically is important for us.

Ellen Roeckl

Chief Marketing Officer

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MarketScale has been a terrific partner. MarketScale helps us design and build impactful content, generate ideas for ways to connect our products to consumers and they are always willing to step in to ensure we have what we need, when we need it.

Karl Baker

SVP of Sales & Marketing

Collin Hoffman

I highly recommend MarketScale because MarketScale makes everything very easy and super


Collin Hoffman

Marketing Director


100x Your Capacity Instantly. Yes, 100.

Experience personalized support and innovative solutions with MarketScale’s Digital Strategy Team. Our experts from 16 industries craft strategies that are as unique as your challenges.

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