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Cisco's Game-Changing Strategy: Empowering Employees as LinkedIn Influencers

In a bold move that signals a seismic shift in corporate branding, Cisco Systems has launched an ambitious initiative to train 84,000 of its employees to become LinkedIn Influencers. This pioneering approach not only reinforces Cisco's stature as a thought leader but also underscores its dedication to empowering its workforce.

Unleashing Enhanced Brand Visibility on LinkedIn

Cisco's innovative strategy is set to amplify its brand presence on LinkedIn significantly. By equipping its employees with the skills to become influencers on this professional networking platform, Cisco is tapping into a potent source of brand visibility. This approach leverages the expansive reach of its employees' networks, ensuring broader and more authentic brand exposure.

Fostering Authentic Thought Leadership

At the heart of Cisco's initiative is the cultivation of genuine thought leadership. Employees from various departments will share their unique insights and experiences, providing a wealth of diverse perspectives. This authentic sharing not only enhances Cisco's brand image but also contributes valuable knowledge to the broader professional community.

Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

An intriguing aspect of Cisco's strategy is its focus on talent attraction and retention. By showcasing the expertise and insights of its current employees, Cisco positions itself as an attractive employer for prospective talent. Furthermore, this initiative fosters a sense of pride and belonging among existing employees, aiding in retention.

Amplifying Employee Engagement

Another critical facet of Cisco's program is its potential to boost employee engagement. By involving employees in the company's branding efforts, Cisco is creating a more inclusive and engaging corporate culture. This involvement gives employees a sense of ownership and connection to the company’s broader goals.

Training a vast workforce for LinkedIn influence underscores Cisco's commitment to innovation in both marketing and employee involvement. This forward-thinking approach sets a new benchmark for how companies can harness social media for brand enhancement.

Significantly, this program isn't an isolated effort; it's part of a broader strategy to integrate LinkedIn into Cisco's overall leadership and visibility agenda. By doing so, Cisco is maximizing the platform's potential as a tool for corporate and personal brand development.

The Power of Employee-Driven Content

A key belief driving Cisco's strategy is that employee-generated content on LinkedIn can be more impactful than traditional corporate communications. This approach lends authenticity to the brand and creates a more relatable image in the eyes of the audience.

Learning from Industry Peers

Cisco's initiative doesn't exist in a vacuum. It draws inspiration from similar efforts by other industry giants like United Airlines and Ericsson. These companies have recognized the value of employee-driven social media influence and have crafted their strategies accordingly, with a focus on authenticity and avoiding over-saturation.

A Comprehensive Brand-Building Strategy

Ultimately, Cisco's initiative is about more than just enhancing its LinkedIn presence. It's about a holistic approach to brand building, where employee engagement and experience are central. By providing an irresistible employee experience, Cisco aims to see its brand soar to new heights.


Cisco's groundbreaking strategy reflects a deep understanding of the modern branding landscape and is everything MarketScale is all about. By leveraging its employees' networks and voices, Cisco is not just enhancing its brand; it's reshaping the way companies think about employee involvement in brand advocacy. It's a bold, innovative approach that other companies would do well to observe and learn from.


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