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Influencer Marketing: Transforming B2B with Lessons from B2C

Influencer marketing, a mainstay in B2C strategies, is now making its mark in the B2B world. The question is no longer whether it can be effective but how B2B can adapt these strategies to fit a different market dynamic.

B2C Influencer Marketing: A Proven Model of Success

The success of influencer marketing in the B2C realm is well-documented. According to the 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report, trust in brands is at a premium, with only 34% of consumers trusting most of the brands they use. However, when brands earn trust, they see remarkable rewards – consumers who trust a brand are twice as likely to be the first to buy new products (53%) and more than twice as likely to stay loyal (62%).

Moreover, microinfluencers have a significant impact, with 45.4% of their followers trying something recommended by them, and 26.9% making a purchase. Twitter and Annalect’s research further reinforces the power of influencers, showing that Twitter users experience a 5.2 times increase in purchase intent when exposed to promotional content from influencers.

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Translating Influencer Success to B2B

In the B2B sector, where word of mouth is critical, adapting influencer marketing strategies from B2C can be highly effective. However, the approach needs to be tailored. B2B influencers typically include industry experts, thought leaders, and professionals with deep domain knowledge, rather than celebrities or social media stars.

The Growing Role of Influencers in B2B

The trend is clear: B2B is catching up with B2C in recognizing the value of influencer marketing. Ogilvy's study highlights that 75% of B2B businesses use influencers such as CEOs and industry experts, and 93% of CMOs plan to increase their influencer marketing efforts.

Building Expert Communities in B2B

In this evolving landscape, platforms that facilitate expert-driven influencer marketing are becoming crucial. For example, MarketScale focuses on building communities of experts, where seasoned professionals can share their insights. Our platform Studio, while serving as a vehicle for connection, emphasizes the role of experts in shaping industry conversations and providing authentic, credible content.

The Impact of Expert Voices

In B2B, the power of influencer marketing lies in the voice of industry experts. These individuals bring a level of credibility and depth of knowledge that resonates strongly with B2B audiences. Platforms that enable these expert voices to be heard are crucial in building a community around shared knowledge and insights.

The Promising Future of B2B Influencer Marketing

The integration of influencer marketing strategies in B2B, drawing lessons from the B2C playbook, is a promising development. As B2B marketing professionals embrace this trend, platforms like MarketScale play a vital role in connecting experts and building communities. This shift towards expert-driven, authentic content is not just a trend but a fundamental change in how B2B marketing operates, promising a future where expert voices drive the industry narrative.


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