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What the Heck is Reverse PR?

Podcasting isn’t new, but it hit the zeitgeist during the pandemic. When organizations couldn’t communicate their message to their people, customers, and prospects, podcasts became a perfect vehicle to talk shop and share insights, best practices, and thought leadership. Fun fact: in 2022, there were over 424.2 million podcast listeners worldwide. Another fun fact: podcasting is poised to become a $94.88 billion industry by 2028. So, for branding and marketing purposes, podcasts are no longer a novelty idea; they are a must-have tool for messaging, storytelling, and sharing authentic content with the world.

And a business podcast doesn’t need to apply for a large-scale organization. Any size company will benefit from a podcast. The following questions are:

  • Where do I begin my podcasting journey?

  • What’s the best way to spread the word about my podcast?

  • How do I find guests for my podcast?

There are some great tactics for starting and growing your podcast, which will put your show on the right path to success. One great tip from Buzzsprout is to create a press release for each podcast episode. Another excellent idea comes from MarketScale’s Chief Revenue Officer, Tim Maitland. It’s something he calls Reverse PR. What the heck is Reverse PR? MarketScale’s Vice President of Client Services, Brandon Morgan, provided a succinct definition.

“When I think of Reverse PR, I think of building your own channel and inviting some of those same folks you were trying to get placed on their channels onto yours,” Morgan said. “I think of some of our Pro-AV customers; they run their own podcast, and then they bring a Pro-AV partner like Avixa on as a guest. That’s reversing what the norm might be.” This Reverse PR strategy can increase your company’s reach and grow a larger audience. It also builds relationships with other partners and helps introduce your company and its solutions to potential customers.

“It’s all about bringing those right guests onto your own media channels,” Morgan said. If your organization is looking for podcast guests, there are a lot of great tips and ways to find them, from podcast guest-finding platforms seeking out other podcasters and working with channel partners.

The bottom line: If your organization does not have a podcast channel, there’s never been a better time to start one.

Thought leadership by: Tim Maitland and Brandon Morgan

Article written by James Kent


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