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In the fast-paced world of the Pro AV industry, staying ahead means being in the loop every day. Pro AV Daily by MarketScale is here to power your journey with expertly crafted, daily content designed to resonate with your target audience. Dive into a world where innovation meets daily brand enhancement, with a focus on fostering exponential growth for commercial integrators. Join us as we redefine the Pro AV landscape, daily.


Features & benefits

Daily Curated Content

Step into a daily routine of enriched content crafted to cater to the nuances of the Pro AV industry. From industry insights to lead-generating content pieces, we offer a rich tapestry of resources, steering your brand towards uncharted territories of success.

Target media

Custom Branding Solutions

 Uphold your brand's unique narrative with personalized branding opportunities. Crafted to mirror your brand's ethos, our platform facilitates the seamless integration of your distinct narrative into every content piece, creating a harmonious blend of quality and individuality.


Real-Time Industry Insights

Equip yourself with exclusive industry insights that empower you to stay ahead of the curve. Our platform brings you the latest trends, educational resources, and exclusive offers, fostering a culture of continuous growth and learning within the Pro AV community.


Automated Posting & Advanced Analytics

Simplify your workflow with automated posting to social channels and WordPress, accompanied by comprehensive analytics. Analyze your content's performance and engagement levels with precision, making data-driven decisions that catalyze business growth.

Continuous improvement

Charitable Contributions

As we foster growth within the industry, we are committed to giving back to the community. A percentage of the proceedings from Pro AV Daily is devoted to the AVIXA Foundation, nurturing the development and education of the next generation of Pro AV leaders.

Problem Solving

Using MarketScale, information is coming directly from our mouths. It displays the intellect we have. We have a high-powered team, and getting that voice out into the market really authentically is important for us.

Ellen Roeckl

Chief Marketing Officer


MarketScale has been a terrific partner. MarketScale helps us design and build impactful content, generate ideas for ways to connect our products to consumers and they are always willing to step in to ensure we have what we need, when we need it.

Karl Baker

SVP of Sales & Marketing


I highly recommend MarketScale because MarketScale makes everything very easy and super


Collin Hoffman

Marketing Director



Community-Generated Content (CGC) featuring a brand received 690% more engagement on social than traditional brand-generated content. 

 (Source: Mavrck)


of customers surveyed agreed that MarketScale makes it easy for their community to create podcasts and video content. 

Your success begins with content


Industry Growth

The global Pro AV market size is expected to reach USD 375.8 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 4.3% from 2021 (source: Grand View Research).

Social Media

Social Media Engagement

 Social media has a 100% higher
lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing strategies, making daily content crucial for business growth

(source: Emarsys).


Content is King

Content marketing generates 3 times as many leads as traditional marketing
and costs 62% less

(source: Demand Metric).

Giving Back

Giving Back

Corporate social responsibility programs, like charitable contributions, can increase employee morale by 57%
(source: Deloitte).


SEO Impact

Businesses publishing consistent
blog content are seeing, on average,
67% more leads monthly

(source: HubSpot).

On-demand player

Video Content

Including a video on your landing page can boost your conversion rate by up to 80%. Moreover, 59% of executives say they would choose video content over text if both are available on the same topic (source: Unbounce & WordStream).


Integrator AI

Step into the future with Integrator AI, exclusively part of Pro AV Daily. It’s as if a seasoned team member, with in-depth knowledge of your company and industry, is crafting content just for you. With a click, unlock the magic of assertive, pinpointed content generation, reinventing how your business communicates across various channels.


Leverages GPT-4 and RAG technologies, fine-tuned to your company's specific needs and industry nuances.


Generate bespoke content instantly, catered to various channels including social media, web, and email campaigns.

On-demand support

Expertly Crafted Narratives

Experience content creation that mirrors the insight and expertise of a long-term industry professional.

Proprietary Algorithm Integration

Harness the power of advanced algorithms, meticulously developed to understand and echo your brand's unique voice.


Utilize a user-friendly console to request and receive hyper-specific content, streamlining your content generation workflow.

How Pro AV Daily Works

Sign-Up & Customize

Step 1

Sign Up & Customize

Kickstart your journey by signing up with Pro AV Daily. Tailor your preferences and select the content avenues that resonate most with your brand. It's your first step towards unparalleled growth.

Step 2

Engage & Expand

Leverage our daily content directly crafted to captivate your target audience. Engage them with industry insights, product features, and expert opinions that will position you as a thought leader in the Pro AV sector, effortlessly connecting you with potential prospects.

Pro AV Daily examples

Step 3

Convert & Celebrate

Watch your engagement turn into business opportunities. With the refined content at your disposal, create leads that not only have high conversion potential but also foster lasting relationships. Celebrate your success as you witness an upswing in your business graph, all while contributing to a charitable cause.


Step Into a World of Daily Innovation
with Pro AV Daily


Are you ready to steer your business to unparalleled heights with a partner that understands the heartbeat of the Pro AV industry? MarketScale's Pro AV Daily promises not just growth and engagement but a thriving community where like-minded professionals converge to redefine success.

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