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The Promise and Potential of AI in B2B Content Creation

In a recent episode of B2B Weekly, we dove deep into the exciting yet sometimes intimidating world of AI in B2B content creation and its impact on creators. Gavin Purcell, a digital media veteran with a unique background in AI as a co-host of the AI for Humans Podcast, joined host Tim Maitland and Terry O'Connell for a thought-provoking discussion about the immense potential and transformative power of AI.

The conversation navigated beyond the usual suspect, ChatGPT, to explore a wider spectrum of AI applications that are currently reshaping the creative landscape. It touched on potential concerns and misconceptions such as the fear of job loss due to AI, and emphasized the importance of understanding, embracing, and effectively utilizing AI tools in our day-to-day work.

A Marketer's Perspective on AI in B2B content creation

"AI is one of the defining new technologies of our time," claimed Gavin stating that the impacts could be as large as the initial introduction of the internet. Terry speaks to the impact that AI is already having on content creation, particularly for social media and B2B marketing. The group was excited about how AI can evolve to integrate into operational processes through plugins, apps, and other tools, like what we see with Adobe Firefly.

Tim stressed the importance of individuals meeting AI where they are currently, saying, "You don't have to be an expert overnight. Start from where you are... No one's perfect at anything the first time they do it." The goal is not only to become familiar with AI tools and processes but also to understand how to apply them practically to our daily tasks.

AI: A Tool for Creative Innovation

In response to the hype and fears surrounding AI, Gavin stressed that at its current stage, AI should be viewed primarily as a tool. "AI is a tool that allows you to get better conceivably at what you can do. But also it can be a tool to do stuff that like be creative, you can learn more about stuff," he explained.

Drawing parallels between the advent of the internet and the rise of AI, Gavin suggested that the early adoption of AI, just like the internet back in the late '90s, could provide a significant leg up. His argument is supported by the rapid adoption and success of tools like ChatGPT, which reached 100 million users within just a few months of its launch. And the group discussed that this is just the tip of the iceberg as practical applications for AI in B2B content creation expand from written content into image generation and ultimately into video creation.

The Rapid Evolution of AI

According to Gavin, the AI startup ecosystem is exploding, with its reach extending to different industries and applications. It's essential for businesses to understand what's being offered and how it has changed over the last year. "It's important for people who are business to business specifically to understand what's being offered to them and how it has changed from the last year," said Gavin.

Executives, marketers, and sales professionals will need to keep up to date with the developments to make sure they aren't falling. The cost of not employing new and beneficial helpful technologies could be hours of work and associated costs. Terry shared an example of how written projects that used to take days are now taking just a fraction of the time.

Staying on Top of AI Developments

For those seeking to understand and keep up with AI, the consensus between Tim and Gavin is to start from the basics. For instance, getting familiar with OpenAI's chat GPT is an easy entry point. The aim is to understand what a prompt is and how to ask the AI to return certain information.

Gavin emphasizes that learning to prompt correctly can be a skill to pick up. It involves not only asking a question but also priming the AI to act in a certain way. Experimentation and practice can lead to a better understanding of how to effectively engage with AI tools.

As AI continues to grow and evolve, so does its potential for innovation in various fields, including content creation and marketing. Businesses and individuals who harness this potential can significantly enhance their efficiency and creativity. The key lies in understanding, embracing, and effectively utilizing AI.


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