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The Magic of MarketScale Community

Hey there, MarketScale community! We're buzzing with excitement to share the highlights from a recent unforgettable evening in Orlando. Our Community Director, Hunter Lopatin, had the fantastic opportunity to connect with our vibrant Orlando team. The venue? None other than the chic Del Frisco's on International Drive.

The Magic of MarketScale Community: There’s a unique feeling you get when you’re miles away from home yet feel entirely at ease – that's the magic of the MarketScale family. Landing in a new city and finding an instant connection with like-minded professionals is what we're all about. This event in Orlando was a testament to the strong bonds within our community.

Special Thanks to Our Stars: A massive shoutout is in order for the people who made this night exceptional. Kudos to our fantastic MarketScale Guides, MaryBeth Rozell and Rick Ward, for their unwavering enthusiasm and expertise. Hats off to Rachel Kiefner from our Business Development team, whose energy and insights always add a spark. And of course, a big thank you to Christine Delaney, our Digital Media wizard, for bringing her A-game and making the evening extra special.

Join the Fun - Don't Miss Out! Feeling the FOMO? We've got you covered! This is just one of the many amazing experiences that come with being part of the MarketScale community. Don't just hear about it; be part of it! Join our dynamic team today and be a part of these memorable experiences. Visit and take your first step towards being a part of something extraordinary.


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