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Shining the Spotlight: Bridget Benedetti's MarketScale Journey

We're thrilled to bring back our Spotlight series and today, we're diving into an engaging conversation with Bridget Benedetti. Part Digital Media Strategist, part Guide, and full-time superstar, Bridget is an integral part of our MarketScale family.

With a background rooted in global manufacturing marketing and a passion for storytelling, she’s an eclectic mix of experiences and interests that brings a spark to our community.

Outside work, she's an adventure-seeker, Airbnb host, and occasional golfer.

Watch the spotlight video above or follow along to get to know Bridget a bit better. It's the perfect opportunity to understand her journey, meet a member of the team, and catch a glimpse of her life at the 'Scale.

Bridget, you have a pretty unique relationship with MarketScale and story. Could you share with everyone how you got connected and the ways that you're working with MarketScale today?

"I am a retired marketing director for a global manufacturing company. We serviced all manufacturers in all sectors, operating on a very slim budget as most people do. I found a white paper on how to defend your marketing budget to the CFO, downloaded it, and then Tim Maitland from MarketScale gave me a call. He started telling me about MarketScale and what they could do for me, and it seemed promising. I decided to give them a try, especially as I needed video storytelling. It started a fantastic relationship, and I was so impressed with the company's growth over the years. I retired in 2021 and did some consulting on the side. Then I heard from Tim Maitland again. He said, 'Hey, we're starting a Guide program. This is like a business development program.' I love MarketScale and it's easy to talk about them, so I agreed to do some Guide work. Later on, Emily Rector emailed me about another opportunity to do some client strategy, and here I am as a DMS like everyone else. It's been a great experience, I love working with MarketScale in all these capacities."

Do you have any specific fun projects that really stand out to you?

"As a client, we were doing a project on the USS Arizona in the heat of summer. The company I worked for produced software and scanners that could replicate objects that might have been found or very difficult to reproduce. A gentleman approached our team with a metal from the USS Arizona that he wanted to replicate for a museum he was starting. We worked with MarketScale to produce on-site videos in multiple locations, even making a short feature film out of all of the video. We filmed in Arizona during the summer, and it was hot, but we captured so much great footage. The creativity of the MarketScale team made it a memorable project for sure."

Outside of MarketScale, what are the things that you enjoy doing in your free time or working on that you're really passionate about?

"My husband and I love entertaining. We love having guests over for dinner and fun in the pool. We also love travel. We try to incorporate our experiences into our home and love observing every detail in every hotel. We also play golf; my husband is quite good while I am still a work in progress. Additionally, we host short-term rentals with Airbnb and VRBO. We enjoy doing that and learning why people visit our area."

In terms of other things that you enjoy, any shows, books, podcasts that you love or that you've encountered recently that you'd recommend?

"Oh gosh, people are always recommending shows and I keep a list on my phone. I also have a list of restaurants to try. Recently, I've started reading books again, just novels to tune out. I just finished a really good one called 'Lessons in Chemistry.' A friend of mine recommended it and I knew from the first page that I would love it. I'm always up for recommendations and new experiences."

For those of you feeling a spark of interest, whether in exploring more stories like Bridget's or maybe even creating your own, there's a space for you in our community. Join us at


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