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Massive Friday shoutout to Kiara T.!

Massive Friday shoutout to Kiara T.!

If you have visited the MarketScale office you have seen Kiara's incredible art on our glassboards and if you have created a 3D video with MarketScale Kiara has probably helped make your product look beautiful and realistic.

Her artistic skills might be the strongest in the office (and this is a competitive place for it). But today we want to shout out Kiara for something totally different. She has done something exceptionally difficult. She made the move from the creative side of MarketScale to the operations side and proved that she can crush it in both worlds!

She has been hugely successful in diving into a new role managing our post-production process. Hundreds of videos are requested daily here at MarketScale so the coordination of post-production is a major one. Kiara has excelled at optimizing the process, making sure our videos are created with high-quality editing and fast turnarounds.


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