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  • Does MarketScale offer support if I have a technical issue, or question about the content?
    MarketScale is responsive to questions during business hours, Central Time in the USA. To ask for help, fill out a contact form on our website, using the link above.
  • What are some common ways PR and Marketing professionals share this type of media?
    Place it in your company newsletter Post it to your social channels Add it to any online learning or onboarding your company does Text it and share to top clients and contacts Add as a drip campaign within Marketing Automation Share with PR contacts as somewhat of a byline for future media opportunities Share with industry events and speaking bureaus for speaker session opportunities at industry events Post and publish permanently within LinkedIn and related social media bios as an author Ask MarketScale for a Contributor Page invite. An example contributor page can be found here.
  • What is is a publisher that specifically focuses on niche B2B industries. Its audience is made up of B2B professionals who are looking for educational material, insights and industry news. The focus is on thought leadership content. Brands that participate in promoted content value the audience and opportunity to share insights, through the MarketScale Community Generated Content (CGC) platform. If you have a guest who appeared on a MarketScale podcast, not only will this media be indexing via SEO or sometimes showing up in Google News search results, but it's something you can easily share to help expand their distribution. Our mission is to build B2B communities by turning experts into creators. And so by promoting media, you help elevate these very experts and elevate their platform within their industry.
  • How can I embed this media on my own site?
    To consider how you can promote this media on your own site, it's worth mentioning that you can always link directly to the post on For example, with a blog, or any site, including Wordpress CMS sites, you can use our cover images (or make your own), add a snippet of text, and share and post this media to your site for added promotion. PR, Marketing and Media professionals often find it useful to essentially post this media as their own, linking to its origin on To natively post and embed a podcast found on MarketScale, you will want to go directly to the media player on the MarketScale page in which the media is posted. Go to the video page: Navigate to the page where the video you want to embed is hosted. Note that MarketScale videos are published using Wistia. Notes on Wistia's own embed process can be found on their website here. Click the "Share" button: Look for a "Share" button on the video player, either in the top right corner or in the bottom left corner, depending on the player design. Select "Embed & Share": Once you click the "Share" button, a menu will appear. From the options, select "Embed & Share." Copy the embed code: On the "Embed & Share" page, you will see the Wistia embed code. This code should start with "<iframe src=". Copy this code to your clipboard. Add the embed code to your website: Open the HTML code for the page on your website where you want to add the video, and paste the embed code into the HTML code. Publish your website: Save and publish your website, and the video should now appear on the page. Note: The exact steps to add the embed code to your website may vary depending on the platform you're using, but the basic process of copying the embed code and adding it to your website remains the same. MarketScale also requests that you cite MarketScale in the post when at all possible.
  • How do I share this media on social networks, such as LinkedIn?
    There are two options for sharing on social networks. First, navigate to the posted and published link itself. This is provided in your media package email (if applicable), but is the same link as the page you will find live on Note that we have a search tool to help locate any pages you can't immediately find. Next, you have two options to share the content on social. First, you can copy and paste the URL link at the top of the browser into the post or share feature in your social media platform. Second, you can use the native social media icons which are on each MarketScale page to share directly to a social network. As a reminder, it is useful to tag the contributor, their company, and any trending or related topics that your audience might find helpful.
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