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Streamline Content Capture with MarketScale’s Request Tool

The Request Tool Powerhouse!

Welcome to MarketScale Tutorials! In this tutorial, we will explore the powerful features of the MarketScale Request Tool. Gone are the days when capturing social videos, soundbites, and interviews required a full video crew. With the Request Tool, you can easily obtain fast, high-quality media through a mobile phone camera or webcam. Let’s dive in and discover how this tool can revolutionize your content creation process.

Traditionally, capturing video content involved extensive coordination and scheduling, making it a time-consuming and expensive process. However, the MarketScale Request Tool changes the game by simplifying and accelerating content capture. By utilizing a mobile phone camera or webcam, you can effortlessly gather media from customers, employees, subject matter experts, and anyone else you need.

The process begins in MarketScale Studio, where you access the Request Tool. Four sections guide you through the setup: Community, Users, Direction, and Approval. In the Community section, you can select internal colleagues, external users, or even generate an open link. This flexibility allows you to expand your content sources and engage with a wider audience. Once you’ve determined the recipients, move on to the Direction section. Here, you provide instructions to ensure the media aligns with your intended purpose. Specify if it’s a social media soundbite, for internal or external use, or targeted for an event like a roundtable discussion or conference.

To prompt the recipients, you can choose between an open-ended prompt or a set of predefined questions. Crafting specific questions tailored to your needs is as simple as copying and pasting or selecting from the extensive library of predefined questions. You can even save your own custom questions as predefined options for future use. The versatility of the Request Tool extends beyond capturing stand-alone content. It seamlessly integrates with your traditional video projects, offering the ability to conduct remote interviews. Whether you’re creating a case study or a corporate video, you can effortlessly gather interviews from individuals worldwide without the need for expensive and time-consuming travel.

The benefits of the Request Tool are manifold. It drastically reduces the turnaround time for acquiring media, eliminates the complexities of coordinating video crews, and provides a simple, user-friendly experience for both you and the contributors. Furthermore, it allows you to supplement traditional video production with quick and efficient media acquisition. With the MarketScale Request Tool, content capture has never been easier. By embracing the simplicity of mobile phone cameras and webcams, you can engage with your community, gather insights from subject matter experts, and create compelling content with minimal effort and cost. Say goodbye to lengthy production timelines and hello to a streamlined process that empowers you to capture media efficiently and effectively.

Unlock the full potential of your content creation journey by embracing the MarketScale Request Tool. Start utilizing this powerful tool today and discover the endless possibilities it offers for capturing amazing content and engaging with your community.

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