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5 Ways To Come Up With Great Video Ideas

Video is one of the best ways to share your message with your community and grow your business. Videos are sharable, engaging, and fun. They let you create a memorable connection with your audience and can lead to better conversions. That said, it takes some work to come up with great video ideas. Here are 5 ways to make sure your media pipeline is always filled with great educational videos.

Ask Your Community Talk to your customers, clients, partners, and team about what problems you can help them solve, or what’s one big win you can help them achieve.

These one-to-one and one-to-many ways of communication with your community will inform new ideas for videos. Think of it like market or customer research.

Look At Your Data Meet with your marketing team and look at your analytics to gain insights on what keywords, titles, thumbnails, and styles are performing best with your audience and double down on what’s working.

And then connect these ideas back to your company, products, services, and most importantly your community.

Think SEO Think and act like a content marketing guru. Your ability to understand all the nuances and strategies of Google and search rankings will help inform how to plan video topics and ideas that deliver on what members of your audience are actually searching for.

This helps you optimize for search ranking but don’t let this fully trump your focus on community. Yes, optimize for keywords, engagement, click-throughs, and conversations but ensure your messaging and ideas speak to members of your community on a human level, not just a tactical or strategic level.

And that’s what the next source of ideation speaks to.

Get Inspired By Your Core Values Your company’s mission and values will help you identify how to better attract and build your community because they will feel connected and committed on a personal, more genuine level.

Consider ideas that speak to your bigger WHY.

Why are you in business?

How do you serve your audience? Why should they care?

Your core values and principles help you focus on not just educational content around your industry or company topics but considering other topics your company cares about. This may include creating media about monthly community service projects because one of your core values is SERVICE. It

Get In The Studio and Start Filming from Your Great Video Ideas Dedicate time to be ready to record new media any day, any time. Media like video, podcasts, courses, and other short-form content to share valuable messages with your community. Your recording studio can be as simple as your phone, maybe a webcam, and your office.

This is one major reason why MarketScale Studio exists.

It’s a decentralized platform for easy media creation from any member of your community or team. To learn more about Studio, contact us today and we will give you a quick demo!

Showing up and recording in the studio is not about waiting to be inspired for new video ideas. We have to invite creative brainstorming.

Stephen King is one of the most prolific authors of the last 40 years, he has described how he dedicates time every day for writing, even if he doesn’t feel like it. Do the same for your media creation, don’t wait to be inspired, just create! With this approach, you will be able to consistently move your great video ideas from your to-do list to your business’s media channels.

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