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How to Pull More Marketing Content with Fewer Resources

The drive for efficiency and savings is top-of-mind for organizations of all sizes, with the prevailing sentiment being “how to achieve more with less.” For many marketing departments, it’s a question they are all too familiar with since that’s always their mission. Still, it’s one thing to ask; it’s a different matter to deliver, especially for smaller and mid-sized companies. The return question is, how to provide excellent marketing content with fewer resources and a limited budget?

One solution many agencies see as a rising industry trend is a decentralized marketing structure. Decentralizing elevates the burden of content creation on the central marketing team and empowers local teams to provide custom campaigns for specific brands, products, and audiences.

When thinking about the type of marketing content that can share your message with your community and grow your business, videos are a powerful tool. What kinds of video content should you create? Here are some tips to consider:

Creating a professionally branded video doesn’t require all sorts of bells and whistles, and should not be a barrier to content creation, no matter the size of an organization. Terry O’Connell, Director of Marketing, MarketScale, sees the benefits of a decentralized marketing approach and utilization of video marketing content.

“What we found as the key solution is employing technology and thought leaders and bringing them together so that as a marketer, you can put out more content with less resources,” O’Connell said. “What we mean, specifically, is, utilizing tools like MarketScale Studio so that you can decentralize your marketing.”

When tapping into thought leaders ask them to think about these essential questions:

  • What are the most significant pain points they see in the industry?

  • What are the newest developments their organization should promote to the world?

  • What are the top questions customers are asking?

The next part is easy; start creating content.

“You, as a marketer, can leverage that content to share it and engage your community,” O’Connell said. “Doing this is made easy by leveraging tools like MarketScale Studio, where you can send media requests as well as use proofing and collaborate with people to comment and add in B-roll. So, you have to use your team, and you got to use technology, but by combining these two things, you can do way more, even with less time and less resources. Make sure you leverage your team and technology.”

Article written by James Kent

Thought Leadership by Terry O'Connell


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