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Video Editing
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Add a Hook

Add a Hook

Capture attention in the first seconds

With the vast amount of content available, we have only seconds to entice our audience and ensure they stay with us.

To boost immediate viewer engagement, start videos and podcasts with a compelling 'hook'. Use a brief, impactful statement or entertaining scene that resonates with the content's message to get the viewer excited to stick around. Aim for a quick 5-15 second hook before moving into the logo and the bulk of the video or podcast episode.

Jump Cuts

When should you use them?

Popularized by vloggers, these abrupt cuts between sequences can make monologues more engaging and fast paced. 

Utilize L-cuts to keep your jump cuts clean and polished for both short- and long-form Social Media content, but avoid using jump cuts in marketing-style content, onsite videos, pre-recorded broadcasts, or online learning.

Jump Cuts

Lower Thirds

Are they important?

Lower Thirds (LTs) are seeing their role in media change as the industry shifts to more decentralized community-generated content. LTs are generally considered to be a thing of the past when editing for social media, but they still have their place in certain contexts.


When should you
use Lower Thirds?

  • Social Media clips: generally, default to not using LTs. This is because the video should be either posted by the individual or the comment/caption that goes with the video should mention the individual.

  • Featuring famous or notable individuals: this is a key exception when a lower third can add value to help boost fast recognition in social posts.

  • Long-form content: LTs become highly relevant and almost a necessity for longer-form content. Testimonials, brand videos, live event broadcasts, and video podcasts all should have LTs.


"Less is more"

In the realm of branding, the mantra "less is more" holds true. When creating social videos, avoid the temptation to excessively display a company’s logo on the screen. Instead, focus on subtler yet impactful branding techniques that align with the company's identity.


Utilize the company colors strategically by incorporating them in text overlays or incorporating them into the visual elements of your videos. This creates a cohesive and recognizable brand experience without the content feeling like an ad.


Here's a Tip

When featuring team members in your videos, consider incorporating subtle branding cues. Have them wear company shirts or position them in front of a logo, showcasing your brand in a casual and authentic manner. This subtle association reinforces brand recognition while maintaining a genuine and engaging approach.

Onscreen Text

Engage with your audience

To amplify the impact of your videos, harness the power of captions and on-screen text. By utilizing these elements, you empower viewers to engage with the message even if they aren’t listening to the video. It's crucial to recognize that a staggering 92% of people prefer watching videos on their phones without sound, relying solely on visuals and captions. As we all shift toward doing more work and watching more videos on our phones, this statistic becomes increasingly relevant for B2B.

Without onscreen text
With onscreen text
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