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Tech Prep
A Production

Technical Information
for Videographers

Video Parameters

Record Settings
Preferred Capture Methods
Audio Capture

Photo Parameters

Camera Requirements
Preferred Equipment Selections
Setting Requirements

Footage Transfers

For all footage transfers we use Media Shuttle, WE DO NOT ACCEPT Google Drive or Dropbox.

** If you're unable to transfer via Media Shuttle, you can purchase a hard drive and ship to us, and invoice us for the cost.


Step 1

Sign in
Go to and sign in using your new account credentials.

Step 2

For faster file transfers, install and open the Signiant App when prompted

Step 3

Upload your footage from the shoot. Please upload one folder that contains all the files (instead of uploading a bunch of individual files)
and label it with the name of the production.

Media Shuttle Upload

  1. Start Within 24 Hours: Initiate your footage upload to our Media Shuttle portal within a day after the production.

  2. Portal Access: Visit You've received an activation email from Media Shuttle - follow its instructions to activate your account and set a password.

  3. Preparation: Ensure your computer won't enter sleep mode during the transfer, which can take 1-5 hours.

  4. Upload Process:

  • If prompted, install and open the Signiant App for faster transfers.

  • Consolidate all footage into one folder, labeled with the production name, and upload this folder.

BTS Uploads to MarketScale Studio


Step 1

Platform Acces

Go to Use the invitation sent to your email to log in and set up your password.

Step 2

Uploading BTS Content
  1. Click 'Upload' at the top of the screen.

  2. Set the upload title as “Client Name - Shoot Location”.

  3. Drop all BTS photos and videos into the uploader.

  4. Designate “Gabrielle Bejarano” as the approver.

  5. Hit 'Upload'.

Step 3


Once the upload is finished, the BTS content will automatically be routed to the appropriate destination.

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