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TUNE IN THURSDAY: How to Leverage Expert Interviews for B2B Lead Generation

This Thursday at 10 AM CT MarketScale Chief Revenue Officer, Tim Maitland, is hosting an event to teach how marketing and sales leaders can leverage expert interviews for B2B lead generation. The traditional methods of utilizing paid advertising, tradeshows, and product features are no longer enough to reach and engage customers. In this conversation, Tim will be joined by a special guest to discuss how successful B2B companies are scaling thriving communities in the digital world with the use of expert, community-generated content.

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Community building is essential to success in both our personal and business lives. It's not just about getting exposure for your brand, it's about engaging with your audience. That's why companies need to develop a go-to-market strategy that allows them to own and control their own exposure. This can be done through various forms of media such as podcasts, live roundtables, and video.

The key to success is empowering your marketing team to run a decentralized operation, rather than relying on top-down announcements from leadership. Empowering experts to be involved and giving each person a voice is critical. These experts often have been overlooked when the discussion turns to sales and marketing even while companies call them their most valuable resource. The modern B2B buyer expects to receive value from a brand before the point of sale. They can get product info from anyone, but getting truly valuable expert guidance is unique and valued.

Worried about getting your experts on camera? You need to use technology to solve this common concern.

Using tools like MarketScale Studio, companies can easily create and distribute community-generated content to their audiences. Technology increases your ability to scale both the quality and the quantity of your content. Failing to utilize the right tools wastes your time and your experts' time. It is effectively marketing malpractice!

Join this event to get a backstage pass to understanding how this content is made so efficiently and see specific examples from companies that use these strategies to grow and engage their communities!


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