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Let’s Take a Deep Dive Into the World of AI

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

MarketScale recognizes the importance of AI entering the workspace, but also the potential concerns voiced by industry leaders. Spanning across education, tech, logistics, and more, we spoke to SMEs asking them their thoughts on how this technology will revolutionize their industry, or, even how it might hinder progress.

Check out Abbas Moledina, co-founder of talk with us on:

How AI Search Engines for Businesses are Transforming the Space

Abbas shared his opinion on the ways AI search engines for business are revolutionizing the way companies target customers, helping them to better understand and reach the right people for their products and services…(Read More)

Should Teachers Use AI to Promote STEM Education?

Jason Innes, the director of curriculum, training, and product management at KinderLab Robotics, which aims to promote STEAM skills in K-12 curriculum, discussed the importance of using AI to promote STEM education among students but also potential concerns educators face with…(Read More)

Should More Companies Deploy Large Language Models as a Customer Service Tool?

Nate Sanders, the CEO and founder of customer experience forecasting company is bullish on this customer-centric use case for ChatGPT and other generative AI tools. In fact, the company is already leveraging large language models as a customer service tool for internal operations and for clients’ benefit.

So much of customer service is just anticipating customers needs. Businesses need to know when clients need more information, when their needs will increase, and what issues will arise along the way. It is in this very anticipation, this proactivity, that large language models and generative AI like GPT-3 shine. At its most basic, all generative AI does is predict the next word in a sentence, phrase, or even fully formed paragraph or essay. With ChatGPT’s rise to mainstream relevance, businesses are starting to experiment with the role of large language models as a customer service tool…(Read More)


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