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Introducing the Groundbreaking CGC Awards: Celebrating Visionaries of Decentralized Media in B2B

In an era where traditional film and media bask in the limelight of countless award shows, a pivotal question arises: where is the recognition for the avant-garde of media, the trailblazers of new-age content? MarketScale answers this call with exhilaration, unveiling our groundbreaking initiative - the first-ever Community Generated Content (CGC) Awards. This event is more than a ceremony; it's a pioneering celebration, a burgeoning community, all crafted by you, the visionaries and innovators of our industry.

The Essence of the CGC Awards

The CGC Awards are not just another addition to the calendar of events. They represent a seismic shift in the landscape of media, recognizing the decentralized nature of today's content creation. With the world carrying powerful cameras in their pockets, the CGC Awards are set to showcase your blend of technical prowess with mobile devices or webcams, coupled with authentic storytelling that's reshaping the standards of B2B content.

Why It Matters

Our industry is evolving rapidly, and so are the mediums of communication and expression. The CGC Awards aim to put the spotlight on your exceptional work, celebrating the future of decentralized, community-generated content in the B2B world. It's about making your customers and clients the stars, building relationships, and fostering a community that resonates and expands through genuine, impactful narratives.

The Visionaries' Stage

Hosted by Daniel Litwin, the voice of B2B, the CGC Awards are more than an accolade; they are a testament to your innovation and creativity. This event is a rallying call to all our trailblazing clients and partners to showcase the power of content that is born from the grassroots of our industry.

Mark Your Calendars

Submissions are due by February 16th, and the grand event goes live on March 5th. It's a day where the finest community content in B2B will be showcased in a manner that only MarketScale can orchestrate. We invite you to join us with your mobile phones and webcams, ready to celebrate a day of vision and innovation.

The CGC Awards are not just an event; they're a movement. A movement towards recognizing and celebrating the decentralized, community-driven future of B2B content. So, get ready to be part of this extraordinary journey. Let's come together to honor and uplift the work that is redefining our industry, one mobile recording and webcam session at a time. We'll see you there – mobile phones ready, webcams on, to celebrate your vision and your innovation.


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