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Getting Your Brand's Story "Right"

MarketScale is bringing the sexy back into B2B and B2C via direct content creation between its clientele and its consumers.

At its core, the importance of B2C transactions lies in the fact that they are a direct link between businesses and their customers. This direct link enables companies to build relationships with their customers, to understand their needs and preferences better, and to tailor their products and services accordingly. By doing so, companies can create loyal customer bases that are more likely to return for future purchases and recommend their products to others.

B2C is an emotionally-driven impact on your clients; something to sell them on a product in personal way. B2B can sometimes in that way feel stagnant, which is why it’s tremendously important to use content and education as the means by which to help brands to go direct and to be more relevant to their community.

As guest John Merris, owner of Solo Stove says, “[a lot of] B2B isn’t sexy anymore,” and education is highly valued by consumers by making it personal. The education isn’t intrusive but provides ways in which to communicate with consumers directly so that they feel at home with their clients.

Learn more about unlocking brand growth secrets with John Merris, Solo Brands' CEO here:

John advises B2B companies to speak with people on a one-to-one basis in order to best communicate the brand's story. Remember, he tells a woman who sells airplane rivets, not to tell her consumer that she sells just airplane parts, but that she’s selling dreams that make it possible for families to travel around the world and see new places.

Ultimately, B2B is a necessity, but we can’t forget the importance of having a narrative, something that the client or consumer can identify with to complete your brands story.

Thought leadership by: John Merris

Article written by Brian Fence.


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