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Getting More Bang for Your Buck Through Owned Media Promotion

Updated: May 10, 2023

Today’s average blog posts take about four hours to write. Obviously, that amount of time can vary greatly depending on the blog post length, depth of research needed, topic, and more. In general, a good rule of thumb is to set aside one to two hours for every 500 words.

Blog posts are just one of many forms of owned media a brand can leverage. Considering the amount of time it takes to write just one post, how do brands have time to keep up with the demand for authentic content across all platforms?

Well, that’s where owned media promotion such as content repurposing and content recycling come into play.

What do these media concepts mean?

Content repurposing and content recycling are…

This is not an all-encompassing definition, but you get the gist. Basically, it’s a way to get more value out of your existing original content and owned media by reframing your presentation of the content or altering the actual content itself to create a new or revised piece.

What are some examples of owned media promotion?

  • Writing a note to a few contacts to discuss why your piece matters to them

  • Hub-and-spoke approach: writing long-form content and breaking it into short-form content to disperse on social media

  • Transform how-to posts to YouTube videos

  • Update existing content with new information

  • Create infographics from existing content

Pros of doing your owned media promotion:

  • More control over your content

  • Allow you to target the audiences you want

  • No cost to you aside from the time

Cons of doing your owned media promotion:

  • Can be just as time-consuming as generating original content

  • May take a lot of research and experience to be successful

  • Or, you can opt to outsource the work to another company such as Marketscale so you can focus on higher-priority initiatives for your brand.

Pros of outsourcing media promotion:

  • Experts do the work for you

  • Save time to focus on higher-priority initiatives

  • Less likely to experience frustration

Cons of outsourcing media promotion:

  • Can be costly

  • Less control over content and target audiences

It’s up to what you deem best for your brand, so do your research and pick what works best for your brand. Whatever you decide, don’t skip out on repurposing your content, or you’ll miss out on getting the most bang for your buck. As the saying goes, work smarter, not harder!

Thought leadership by Brandon Morgan

Article written by Cara Schildmeyer


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