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Creator Spotlight: Cristian Jimenez

"Ever since I was young, I was always interested in art. It was a strange interest since no one else in my family was an artist. There were a lot of musicians, but no one who drew or painted. My strange interest soon turned into a passion, and from very early on I knew that I wanted to do art professionally.

I just needed to find out how. Then I discovered the wonders of 3D and motion graphics, and from then on it was a constant pursuing of knowledge on three. And how I could better my artistic skills. YouTube became my best friend and my best teacher throughout my college journey.

Now, as a practicing 3D animator, I draw influence from my family and my Mexican heritage to inspire my work as well as all of my interests like anime, music, graffiti, and the world around me. Whether it's conceptualizing animations or picking out a song for an edit, I put everything I have behind my each decision to create the best possible content I can. I am Cristian Jimenez, and I am a MarketScale 3D animator."

- Cristian Jimenez, 3D Design Specialist, MarketScale


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