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If Professionals Want a Successful Career, Learn by Looking Inwards

The mentality of looking inwards and never giving up despite facing challenges and hardships is often an attribute shared amongst successful people. Never giving up is one icon’s motto — he overcame hardship, made a big bet (figuratively and literally) on himself and like-minded individuals, and came out victorious. Saying all that sounds easy, but only a few get to do it. So, how did one man shape his winning mindset?

In this episode of #WinTheDay, the host, Chase Wasson, talks with Tim Barker, Regional Sales Director at Abbott, about how after looking inwards, he transitioned from being a professional sportsman into sports betting and owning several successful businesses...(Read More)

● The various ventures Barker is a part of and helped create

● How Barker transformed himself and the formula he uses in sports betting

● What advice Barker would give other young entrepreneurs

Change Starts Here: Together Is Better

The last few years of the COVID-19 pandemic emphasized how important community and togetherness are. While being alone and on your own has its upsides, so does being and engaging with others. It’s something that people who travel a lot might also recognize when they attend events that bring groups together.

On this episode of Change Starts Here, host Dustin Odham talks about this topic by talking on his own about his recent travels to symposiums in different cities across the USA. While understanding the importance of being on your own, he saw and felt firsthand how great it is to be in the presence of others and how these different groups make you feel incredibly welcomed. As Dustin says it, “We need to be in community. We are created to be in community.” (Read More)

A Generation of Education Innovation Seen Through the Eyes of an Online Education Visionary

It can feel like online, virtual learning came about during the pandemic. For many, it was their first taste of online education. The truth is, it’s been around for years—decades even. Online education doesn’t look and feel the way it did back in those early internet days when virtual public education options were scarce. Still, a generation of education innovation paved the way for the educational experience of 2023, and parents have many more options for their children. Today, private online school options are available in all 50 U.S. states, with 35 states offering free online public-school options.

Having a guide to make sense of the critical junctures where online learning transformed from potential to integral is helpful. For The Future of Education’s Michael B. Horn, Mickey Revenaugh, Co-Founder of Connections Academy, is the perfect tour guide. Revenaugh, an industry legend in online learning and education technology, accepted Michael’s offer to join him on the podcast...(Read More)


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