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ChatGPT Web Browsing is About to Totally Change SEO Analysis and SEO Copywriting

OpenAI recently published release notes stating, “We’re rolling out web browsing and Plugins to all ChatGPT Plus users over the next week! Moving from alpha to beta, they allow ChatGPT to access the internet and to use 70+ third-party plugins.” This new update will allow ChatGPT Plus users in the beta to test web browsing and their extensive library of plugins and it is going to create some massive updates for SEO analysis and SEO copywriting. Web browsing will enable ChatGPT to search the internet to provide answers to recent topics and events. Plugins will allow users to connect up to three third-party tools to a chat to provide specific, focused modifications to the results.

So ChatGPT is going to get selective access to the internet - what does that actually mean?

It means that it will allow for answers that pull from real-time information on the internet, instead of the current model which can only provide insight from a fixed dataset, which doesn’t go past September 2021. After the rollout, ChatGPT will be able to provide users with up-to-date and accurate answers to their queries about weather forecasts, what’s happening in the news, and much much more. This opens up a plethora of new potential applications for ChatGPT and AI. Below we are going to focus on how it is going to impact our SEO analysis and digital strategies as digital marketers and sales professionals.

Dynamic SEO Copywriting:

This update unlocks the potential for dynamic content generation. With access to the internet, ChatGPT will be able to generate content that brings in information from current events, trends, and search behavior. This is hugely beneficial in the world of search engine marketing for keeping our SEO strategies strong, as studies show that freshness plays a significant role in SEM and search rankings. As AI writing platforms are able to keep up with search behavior and bring in current preferences it takes even more of the lift of content creation off of traditional content creators and SEO copywriters. It will enable easy creation of timely and engaging content that plays into current search trends.

Enhanced Keyword Research:

ChatGPT's connection to the internet could allow us to conduct real-time keyword research, identifying popular and trending keywords for various topics through the AI chat. This would help creators and SEO professionals optimize content for search engines, allowing content to climb the results rankings. The ability to analyze real-time search data could revolutionize the way marketers perform keyword research. It will make it easier to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of search queries while also reducing the barriers to finding this information. We will likely see the legacy keyword research sites look to bring AI in along with new tools popping up that utilize AI to do more SEO research and analysis, but we might also see heavy disruption if you can do this type of research directly through ChatGPT. It is hard to imagine completing with ChatGPT if it is spitting out dozens of perfectly optimized long-tail keywords in seconds.

Improved SEO Analysis and Content Optimization:

As ChatGPT's understanding of search engine algorithms and user behavior improves, it could potentially assist in auditing and optimizing on-page SEO for better search engine rankings. Beyond the keywords discussed above, this would include generating meta tags, title tags, checking keyword density, and potentially even evaluating things like image alt text, and keyword placements. It might even be able to advise on factors beyond our typical SEO posting checklists as it is able to provide SEO analysis for huge data sets of websites. This could save content creators and SEO copywriters a significant amount of time by automating tedious SEO tasks, allowing them to focus more on higher-level strategic aspects of campaigns (or just get a little time back to catch up on the rest of the to do list). The differentiator with this addition for a language model is that it could audit and make improvements in the same place. Being able to consolidate these two sides of the coin into one platform is a nice improvement on its own. AI being able to actually make very specific suggestions and then run with implementing them… that is game-changing.

AI and SEO: The Future of Content Marketing

AI platforms like ChatGPT and Jesper.AI are already having a massive impact on copywriting and rewriting. With its upcoming connection to web browsing, AI is in a position where it could be the go-to tool for SEO analysis, keyword research, and on-page SEO audits. It could also significantly reduce the barriers to creating content that actually ranks well in search results. Lowering the SEO knowledge required to be visible on the web empowers knowledgeable experts to have a more direct channel to engage with their communities. This is really exciting as it is our mission here at MarketScale to help experts become creators for the betterment of their communities.

This update is undoubtedly one to watch closely. As it rolls out, we will need to see how much information ChatGPT can access and understand its capabilities. Still, it has the potential to provide an immediate leg up for marketers, and really for any creators, who are using it to improve their visibility on the web. Keep an eye on your account for the update, as it could revolutionize the way we approach SEO analysis and content marketing strategies.


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