MarketScale Serving the Community

MarketScale Serving the Community

Emily Rector
June 9, 2021

As a company that calls Downtown Dallas home, we are always looking for ways to give back to our community. From cleaning up at Reverchon Park to supporting local small businesses, we take pride in our city.

By giving back to our community, we help grow and foster a Downtown Dallas that is thriving and successful. Specifically, downtown’s homeless population needs our support and today we were able to give back in a big way.

One of our employee’s Cristian Jimenez brings tamales to the office a couple times a year that his aunt makes homemade. This year, we decided that we would match everyone’s orders for Cristian’s aunt and donate them to those in need. With everyone’s generous orders of tamales, we were able to match about 200 tamales to donate to those in need. But we didn’t stop there. There are actually about 250 people who go to Austin Street Center for lunch each day so we increased our donation to 500 tamales.

We send an incredible thank you to Cristian’s aunt, Irais, who was able to make 500 tamales to be ready to deliver to Austin Street Center today for lunch. We personally drove to Austin Street Center before lunch today to hand deliver the tamales.

We partnered with Austin Street Center because they provide emergency housing, basic needs, meals, employment services, mental health care and much more as one of Dallas’ largest homeless shelters. They were incredible grateful for our generous donation and we are excited to continue to partner with them for future donations.

You can donate directly to Austin Street Center here:


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