How Do you Create More Digitally Innovative Strategies in B2B?

How Do you Create More Digitally Innovative Strategies in B2B?

Raul Reyeszumeta
June 19, 2020

On this episode of the Maverick of Marketing radio show host Shannon Maverick, talks with Carlos Haddad, VP & GM of Sales, Marketing and Business Development of the Americas and Europe for Watts Water Technologies.

Watts Water has begun to take an unconventional approach in their digital strategies. As a business they use distribution channels and channel partners and don’t traditionally have a personal relationship with the end user.

But digital transformation has allowed them to not have to rely on an intermediate partner and instead reach end users with messaging faster and more efficiently and has provided for more direct conversations. Ultimately, creativity and innovation is important in those touchpoints.

Our brains can only process 102 bits per second, says Haddad, which is about the same as two people talking at the same time.  We are bombarded with content, and we make decisions of what we listen to, watch and engage with. There are 500 hours of YouTube videos alone, created every minute. How do you personally decide what content to consume? And therefore as a brand, how do you stand out?

To stand out you must be:

  • Unconventional
  • Personal and understand what drives and motivates people
  • Relevant and timely
  • Innovative and creative

Messages should just come from not just a company as opportunities to have employees share and amplify messaging is important. Watt’s Water began a series titled In The Trenches that exemplifies this.  It is a jeopardy style series lead by sales members and executives as part of a game show. It’s unconventional, relevant and definitely creative.

Strategies used to connect with partners and buyers in the past, even those utilized just a few months ago, have been replaced by newer and more innovative strategies. While technology is a strong driver of innovation, it’s not the only component. Steve Jobs once said that technology alone is not enough. Marketers today, right now, need to leverage technology – but also keep in mind that there are many additional factors that can help push audiences towards new behaviors, digitally.

Today, people want to be able to remotely access and experience products, so being able to provide that experience is incredibly important. Would the adoption of new technology and experiences like this be welcomed, and needed, as quickly without COVID? Probably not.

“Companies that react faster and are more creative and continue to innovate, will lead in the long term,” says Haddad.

Listen to this full episode of the Maverick of Marketing to learn more.

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