A Vision for Leadership: Entrepreneurship, Education and Experience

A Vision for Leadership: Entrepreneurship, Education and Experience

Raul Reyeszumeta
September 2, 2020

Behind every great company is great leadership who empowers their employees. They provide a vehicle for everyone to build, grow and win together. And the defining pieces are often vision and education.

Being a great leader starts from within and begins with a vision. Often leadership and management are categorized differently, but that’s not necessarily the right approach. A transformational leader understands that both are closely related. Everyone can be a leader because everyone has the power to influence and motivate others. And as a manager they help to build the structure to lead and influence others.

As a leader it’s not just about success, it’s important to reinvest in human capital to grow others and provide a vehicle so that everyone can bask in success together. How can leaders use education to drive cultural change and growth? Education is ultimately undefeated in driving growth, opportunity and new skills. And today more than other, adapting to disruption and prioritizing education via non-traditional avenues is vital to differentiate as a business.

How can leaders use education to drive cultural change and growth?

What are the foundations of leadership?

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